Thursday, 15 December 2011

Jan 9 - Join Us for Lunch at the Globe with Signe Ball

Signe Ball, Publisher and Editor of In the Hills and Publisher of Food in the Hills - Some call her Wonder Woman, but we all know her as the woman whose magazine others have tried to model themselves on, but not one can equal. She is our champion of “the hills”! Her strength in attracting outstanding writers gives us all a reason to be proud.
A gentle reminder that we have reluctantly raised our price for the luncheons and speakers to $20.00.


We continue with Judy and Paul Lansing as our “ticketmaster” outlet. Please phone them to reserve at 519-942-4049. Also phone if you need to cancel! Phone by the Friday before the luncheon. 

We give Beth and David our numbers on Saturday morning so that they can order sufficient food and we are billed according to that number. As Beth and David always have a little extra, we can add a few last minute members up to Sunday night, but we are billed for the number we quote on Saturday morning. If you find you can attend but have no reservation, call Judy up to Sunday night to see if there is space.

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