Monday, 30 July 2012

Lunch at the Globe

Lunch at the Globe
(on Highway 89 in the Village of Rosemont)

Another season with NO SNOW-OUTS! Judy and Paul have developed an amazing way to convince the weatherman to desist on Mondays.

And I can sleep quietly on Sundays next year! It will be someone else's worry. This brings with it an URGENT REQUEST for volunteers to help plan and co-ordinate the luncheons. If we get two or three, the job will be easy. Basically, it involves selecting potential speakers, contacting them and scheduling their talks. Then, there are thewrite-ups for the artsletter and emails to encourage members to register. The set-up at The Globe is now fairly routine with lots of techies about. Enlisting introducers and thankers is not onerous. There are plenty of possibilities.

Some may be frightened away by the thought of having to act as MC. I'll continue to do that - when needed - until someone wrestles me to the ground. For me, that's the fun part.

So, please think on this! Join the committee to keep the luncheons speakers series going.

To that end, I've lined up what looks like a fascinating list for June and into the fall:


A gentle reminder that we have reluctantly raised our price for the luncheons and speakers to $20.00.

We continue with Judy and Paul Lansing as our “ticketmaster” outlet. Please phone them to reserve at 519-942-4049. Also phone if you need to cancel! Phone by the Friday before the luncheon. We give Beth and David our numbers on Saturday morning so that they can order sufficient food and we are billed according to that number.

As Beth and David always have a little extra, we can add a few last minute members up to Sunday night, but we are billed for the number we quote on Saturday morning. If you find you can attend but have no reservation, call Judy up to Sunday night to see if there is space. If you reserve and do not cancel, we will have to send you a bill! We would rather have you there! Book as early as possible, preferably right after the previous month’s event.

That's all for now!
Dick Byford

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