Tuesday, 30 April 2013

May 06 - DAC Luncheon with Karen Minden

DAC Luncheon Lunch at the Globe (on Highway 89 in the Village of Rosemont)

May 6: Karen Minden, Founder of the Pine River Institute

Karen has created a miracle in Dufferin County - the envy of people who work with adolescents around the world.

Margaret Wente, in The Globe and Mail, says it is a must for you to learn about in 2013. Besides becoming one of Mulmur Township’s largest employers, Karen has built a staff and program that has literally saved the lives of hundreds of young people who have had difficulties with substance abuse, emotional and physical challenges, and alienation.

The Dufferin Arts Council has played a part in this success as our artists and storytellers have worked with these young people. Art is a powerful tool that can change lives!

This is an incredible story. Parents can’t believe the changes in their adolescent’s lives. The waiting list is long as the success of the program speaks for itself.

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