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July 22 to July 29 - Expressive Arts Retreat Newfoundland

The shoreline crashes below, clouds roll overhead in a magnificent way, and the smell of salt lingers in the fresh air. You squint out at the ocean – could that be a whale way out there? It’s a picture perfect moment, and, happily, the camera, the paints, pastels and paper are all packed. How often do you make awakening your creativity the top priority in your summer vacation plans? And how often do you find yourself in a safe and supportive space to explore your inner self?

Sue Miller and Ayrlie MacEachern, two local artist-facilitators, make it easy for you to do both! Ayrlie and Sue invite you to explore your own creativity while being surrounded by the dramatic beauty of one of Canada’s most unique and memorable places: Newfoundland.

From July 22 to July 29, 2013 Ayrlie MacEachern of Singhampton and Sue Miller of Creemore will be facilitating an Expressive Arts Retreat in beautiful Conception Bay.

Sue and Ayrlie welcome you to join them in a charmingly renovated 100-year-old church that is perched on a plateau overlooking a rocky coastline and the harbour of Ochre Pit Cove.

The retreat will include a blend of guided instruction and spontaneity using visual art and movement to reconnect participants with their creative spirit. This is a retreat that welcomes young and old, experienced artists and those just starting to acknowledge that their creative self needs a 'voice'. Sue and Ayrlie are excited about folks of all walks of life coming together and being open to the moment and the magic of play! The many activities on offer include expressive painting, movement, sculpture, collage, music, meditation, creative writing and more! Participants are invited to join in everyday for all that is being offered or come and go as they please. There will also be free time every day during the retreat. This will be a good opportunity for hiking, whale-watching, beach-combing, touring or getting to know the locals down at the wharf. At the end of the week there will be a community potluck with traditional food and live local entertainment.

Both Ayrlie and Sue have a passion for nurturing the creative spark in others, and have a beautiful way of bringing together creative community in the process.

“Two gals I had never met….taking a group of eclectic, diverse (and as I discovered), wonderful folks to a small cove in Newfoundland….Became the most rewarding decision I made in 2012! Fantastic experiences and lasting memories…Would I go back? You bet!”

Lynda Claire Grant - Director/Curator of The Bartlett Gallery, Alton Mill, Ontario

Ayrlie grew up engaged in the arts, especially movement. As a young woman, Ayrlie furthered her passion for creativity and healing through a training program in Expressive Arts Therapy ( and becoming a Nia teacher. She believes in the power of creative conscious community to inspire, nourish and heal. She loves working within an intergenerational context and has been facilitating workshops and retreats for 16 years. More information can be found at

For Sue, the path to self-expression is a personal journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and liberation. As an artist, Sue has spoken her journey with paint and canvas and shares her creative process in the hopes of liberating others to shine in their own unique way. Whether it is with children in school or emerging adult artists, Sue continues to share her gifts through engaging workshops and classes. See more at

Whether you are inspired to awaken your creativity, or called to travel to the inspiring and dramatic landscape of Newfoundland, this is a unique opportunity to combine both.

“Newfoundland is REAL” is a quote you often find written in poetry and novels. Come explore living and being in an authentic way at the Expressive Arts Retreat, Newfoundland, July 22 – 29, 2013.

For more information about this retreat, please go to and Subsidies available.

To discuss details please call Ayrlie at 705-444-0550 or Sue at 705-466-3411.

Come play with us out east this summer!

Expressive Arts Retreat Newfoundland
July 22 – 29, 2013
Conception Bay, Newfoundland

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