Tuesday, 22 October 2013

November 4 - Globe Luncheon with Quilting “Dufferin Treasures”

Quilting is an art form which also has a history to tell. The Dufferin County Museum & Archives (DCMA) is in the process of publishing a history of Dufferin County quilting dating back to the 1800s. 
Each one of these quilts reveals the fantastic skills their makers possessed, as well as details about the people who put the quilts together. My favourite is the Grand Valley quilt. The ladies of that community worked together to create this quilt in response to the Red Cross’ request for blankets for the field hospitals during WW I. How the quilt was returned to Dufferin County is an amazing story. Come to lunch to hear the details! This quilt brings tears to my eyes - showing, as it does, the love and anguish in its stitches.

Steve Brown and Shelagh Roberts will display some of the other quilts the Museum possesses. By November, the Museum hopes to have completed its brilliant book on the quilts of Dufferin County.

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