Wednesday, 7 May 2014

May 19 - Dog Save the Queen

The Queen’s Birthday is always a time to celebrate, but we here at the DCMA offer our visitors just a titch more.

Queen Victoria, who reigned for 64 years, was a supporter and owner of dogs and is often blamed for having 'spoiled' the collie breed by her patronage. While Victoria's collies were pets and not working dogs, they were not by any stretch of the imagination the show collies of today.

During this event we will pay homage to the animal that won the Queen’s heart, the dog. Bring
your furry family members by for a proper British ceremony with tea service and nibbles for both humans and pets.

We will be displaying the DCMA collection of Queen Victoria memorabilia.

Dog Save the Queen
Monday, May 19
12 noon

Free admission to celebrate May Museum Month!

For more details, 877-941-7787 or

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