Thursday, 7 February 2013

Artist in the Spotlight - Sharon Wadsworth-Smith

Artist in the Spotlight - Sharon Wadsworth-Smith

"I believe art is a buffet and we can choose what we like from the table." - Sharon Wadsworth-Smith

Artist Biography:

Sharon received her artistic education from Kwantlen College in B.C. She has worked as a photographer, graphic artist, and instructor. Her main focus for the past twenty years has been as an art instructor. She states that one of the joys of teaching is when one witnesses a new artist gain experience and become enthusiastic about their creative discoveries. She is now identifying with her students as she returns to classes herself and starts to participate in more shows and group events. Her recent works are inspired by the shapes and colours of the beautiful Hockley Valley where she lives. She has paintings in many collections and galleries.

Artist Statement:

As an artist, I am constantly trying to find new ways to express more vibrant colour in my paintings. With my recent works, I take many reference photos of my subjects and then I distort the colour balance, contrast, and texture and attempt to play with the paint in a carefree, expressive manner.

I enjoy painting still-life, landscapes and crowd scenes, with people enjoying both ordinary and special events like carnivals or town gatherings, farmers’ markets and activities in colourful surroundings. I take many reference photos to work from, or if the weather is good, I will set up my easel and paint from life. In my current series, Painting the Town, I explore the events in small towns in Ontario and observe the people celebrating many diverse community activities.

I like to be adventurous in my choice of medium and enjoy using bold brush strokes. My recent work is in acrylic, but I believe that each medium has its’ own special voice so I choose the one that best portrays the spirit of the painting that I am working on.

Sharon Wadsworth-Smith

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