Saturday, 16 February 2013

Artists in the Schools

Artists in the Schools

The fall is traditionally a quiet time for this program, which allows us to complete some other related activities. My new associates, Donna Henderson and Shelley Hannah, and I, are working on many exciting things to add to our program this year:

- we are hoping this year to run two special camp days for which we will draw together a selection of students from various schools to participate in an intensive integrated arts day

- our artists attended a luncheon workshop with a guest speaker in curriculum trends in the arts from the Upper Grand District School Board

- we have offered to deliver art workshops for teachers

-we are speaking to artists who want to be added to our complement. By the next artsletter I should have some interesting news on this.

- our storytellers have joined with us and will be more active in schools this year. Some initial experiences last year were very successful.

- we are exploring funding possibilities in some new ways to allow us to far exceed our usual $6,000 budget. If some individual or business would like to become a sponsor of an arts day I would love to speak to them. Funds donated to this will be targeted to a school or activity of your choice and will count as a charitable donation. Donna and I are also working on a grant proposal.

If this brief article sparks interest in any of you, please contact me for a more detailed discussion or explanation.

Ken Topping

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