Thursday, 9 May 2013

June 03 - DAC Luncheon with Erica Pratt

June 3: Erica Pratt, Volunteer Extraordinaire, Traveller, and Photographer
Before Erica leaves for an extended working trip to Cambodia to expand on her previous work as an “accidental” English teacher, she will tantalize us with some of her photographs of South East Asia. 

Erica claims to be only an amateur photographer, but she is much, much more. Her experiences with a little school and young children in Cambodia have become a passion that have drawn her back to that country. 

According to Judy Lansing, her photos are incredible. Erica’s volunteer experience at Nellie’s and Jessie’s in Toronto stimulated her to get involved at the Orangeville Hospital and the lovely old St. Andrew’s Church in Caledon.

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