Thursday, 12 December 2013

January 06 - Globe Luncheon with Jane Ohland Cameron

January 6: Lunch at the Globe with Jane Ohland Cameron, Author, Scriptwriter, Director & Playwright in Residence at Theatre Orangeville

Jane’s work with actors in Orangeville is “beyond outstanding”. She works with actors with developmental disabilities and helps these young people find their voices on stage. You may have seen some of her work at Theatre Orangeville. These include The Imagination Express, In Search of Slumber Mountain, and Abba Cadabra, a script based on the music of ABBA. 

Jane’s particular skill is building a play based on the actors’ abilities. In essence, unlike most playwrights who write the play and then select the actors, Jane meets with the actors and they builds the play.

She is currently working on a new piece which will be presented at Theatre Orangeville on April 16-17, 2014. Jane will share some of her tips on working with these actors and will encourage us to never give up!

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